About the Biofuels Center - A Comprehensive Agency

A Comprehensive Agency

The Biofuels Center of North Carolina is the nation's only agency working comprehensively over time for all aspects of biofuels development.  It is a private non-profit corporation charged with developing a large-scale, statewide biofuels industry sector to provide alternatives to imported petroleum fuels. The Center assists all parties statewide involved in the science, growing, production, and logistics of biofuels, and also addresses the educational, public information, and policy issues of a growing new sector. 


The Biofuels Center is based in Oxford on North Carolina's Biofuels Campus.  The Biofuels Campus is a partnership project with the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Over the next decade, the Campus will take shape as the nation's only large acreage site for biofuels trial growing, company incubation and partnerships, demonstration facilities, and public education.