Biofuels Business in North Carolina

The Biofuels Center is pursuing a comprehensive approach to biofuels business development in North Carolina.  Central to this approach is the insight that for biofuels to succeed at scale, all parties along the value chain need to be profitable, while at the same time, biofuels made must be cost-competitive with the petroleum products they replace.  The Center is active in several key areas to accelerate commercialization of biofuels at scale in this state. There is more information in the submenu to the left on the items listed below:

  • A comprehensive approach to long-term supplies of low-cost feedstocks
  • Sophisticated economic modelling tools to quantify value
  • A Biofuels Accelerator, based on North Carolina's Biofuels Campus
  • Good reasons for locate your company in North Carolina
  • Projects and initiatives
  • Policy and incentives
  • Answers for entrepreneurs and startups
  • A directory of biofuels-related organizations