Agriculture in North Carolina

North Carolina's agriculture industry holds great promise for the biofuels industry.  The state has a long growing season conducive to productive output of biomass, industrial crops, and trees. The state's favorable climate has made it an agricultural leader:

  • North Carolina's agricultural industry is the 9th largest in the U.S. in exports.
  • 17.6 million acres of forest land, most of which is privately owned.
  • It has 48,000 farms, totaling 8,800,000 acres.
  • North Carolina's agriculture industry contributes over $68.3 billion annually to the state’s economy.
  • North Carolina's agricultural biotechnology industry is favorable to privately-held and start-up companies (most of the $1.6 billion US agricultural biotechnology industry comes from these businesses.)
  • Large, concentrated acreage suitable for conversion to low-cost energy grasses without displacing high-value food and other commodities.