Projects and Initiatives

A key focus of the Biofuels Center is to develop the knowledge and data to enable the business sector to make a financial case to locate companies in the state with technologies suitable to North Carolina's feedstocks.  Some of the initiatives the Center is leading address various areas of the value chain or are regionally based and are listed in the table, right.  All are partnerships with key stakeholders. A one-sentence summary of each is below:

  • Eastern Gain - The goal is to develop a facility in the eastern region of North Carolina capable of producing 50 MGY of biojetfuel
  • Biofuels and New Value From Eastern Sprayfields - this project verifies the value of hog lagoon sprayfield acreage if converted from low yield Coastal Bermuda grass to energy grasses capable of much higher tonnages per acre
  • North Carolina's Biofuels Campus Master Plan  - Developing a plan for the Campus to serve as a comprehensive location to catalyze the biofuels industry in North Carolina
  • NC Grows Biofuels - Agronomic trials at research stations statewide to ascertain the viability - or not - of a range of row-crop feedstock crops as well as energy grasses and woody biomass
  • Aviation biofuels - Working with stakeholders to develop drop-in biofuels to replace current aviation biofuels
  • Advancing Public Commitment - A DOE-funded project to advance public understanding of biofuels in North Carolina to ensure fact-based adoption of new renewable fuels as they become available