ARRA Funding

The Biofuels Center received funding from the U.S. DOE to advance public education and understanding of biofuels by North Carolinians in their state.  The funding enabled the Biofuels Center to launch a multimedia project that included a new website providing information for the publc, the start of a Facebook biofuels community, a Twitter feed, and the capacity to revamp the software the Biofuels Wikiuses to enable the wikisite to carry video and audio as well as the text and images it currently has.

The education and outreach initiative started at the 2010 State Fair where approximately 100,000 people visited the Green NC pavilion and thousands visited the Star in Your Own Video-themed biofuels booth. Hundreds took the time to volunteer to shoot videos of why they support biofuels and say how biofuels will benefit the state.  By the end of the Fair, more than 500 videos had been created.  The "Star in Your Own Video" clips have been posted on the NC Biofuels site, and have been viewed tens of thousands of times and shared with friends and family.