Energy grasses as feedstock crops

Energy grass research

Energy grasses promise to be one of North Carolina's primary feedstocks for the state's biofuels industry sector.  The Biofuels Center is trialling a number of energy grasses across the state in various soil types and with differing inputs to determine optimum practices and likely tonnages that can be obtained per acre. Additionally, the Center is working with industry to assist them in determining yields and tonnages on proprietary grasses.  Some of the more promising energy grasses currently under consideration are listed below.

  • Giant Miscanthus
  • Arundo donax
  • Switchgrass
  • Sweet and biomass sorghums

A unique aspect of North Carolina's agricultural landscape is its hog sprayfield acreage.  This irrigated, fertile land is largely contiguous and is currently being utilized by the hog industry for waste mitigation and presents  an opportunity for biofuels producers to convert to energy grassland with very high yields.  For more on this project, click on the Submenu top right.