Funding Programs

Biofuels Center Grants & Contracts

To achieve the goal of having 10% of North Carolina’s liquid fuels grown, produced, and sold in-state within ten years, the Biofuels Center of North Carolina has awarded funds to academic institutions, economic development organizations, nonprofit corporations and other entities across the state through a competitive awards process.  Biofuels Center grants and contracts are designed to identify and bridge gaps in knowledge and information, speed the development of technology to industry, and create a seamless continuum from agriculture to transportation fuels. 

Partnerships and Funds from Other Sources

To further the development of North Carolina’s biofuels industry, the Biofuels Center partners with other entities and funding agencies to accomplish specific projects and achieve necessary progress toward stated goals.  Whether seeking funding from private foundations, partnering with corporate entities, providing support for other grant proposals, or simply contracting with external organizations to secure appropriate information and expertise, the Biofuels Center creatively engages available resources to help achieve its mission and build a sustainable biofuels industry in North Carolina.

Current Funding Opportunities

Due to the elimination of the Biofuels Center's funding, the Targeted Biofuels Development Funding Program (Catalyzing Production in Western North Carolina) will not be implemented.