2008 Awards

Haywood County Biofuels Production, Education, and Training Project - Haywood Community College

Funding recipient:  Haywood Community College, Clyde, NC

Award amount:  $135,845

Haywood Community College has partnered with local, regional, and state entities to create the Biofuels Production, Education, and Training (PET) project in western North Carolina.  This grant has allowed the college to provide alternative fuels for campus and county vehicles as well as integrate biodiesel training into its existing Industrial and Automotive Systems Technology curricula and continuing education programs, along with incorporating it into a proposed Sustainable Technology certificate program.  The production facility uses waste oil from the College Café and from public school cafeterias, in addition to biomass crops produced in partnership with the NC Cooperative Extension Service at the research farm in Haywood County.

Leveraged funds reported: $35,000

North Carolina counties benefiting from this project: Haywood and Jackson.  For additional information about the impact of Biofuels Center funding and a brief explanation of award recipient reporting requirements, click HERE: