2008 Awards

Commercialization-focused Woody Biomass Gasification Project - The Abell Foundation, Inc.

Funding recipient:  The Abell Foundation, Durham, NC

Award amount:  $200,000

This grant allowed the Abell Foundation, in partnership with ThermoChem Recovery International, Inc., to rigorously and systematically test thermochemical production of clean energy from solid biomass on a profitable, industrial scale.  At a facility in Durham, NC, the group conducted continuous, multi-day, multi-ton trials on a variety of potential North Carolina feedstocks.  The custom-built, half-scale feeder system successfully processed a wide range of North Carolina biomass feedstocks, representing an important milestone in commercialization.  Using a four-dry-ton-per-day biomass gasifier, the project also successfully converted locally-grown and locally-procured biomass into energy-rich synthesis gas.  TRI's Durham facility has converted such biomass-derived syngas into hydrocarbon "drop-in" diesel fuel, representing a major national commercialization milestone.
The photo shows the full TRI gasification unit, illustrating where the biomass feeder (green) is located within the structure.

Leveraged funds reported: $26,319.79 in direct support of this project, plus $4,840,992 in the full-scale gasification trial at the pilot plant.

North Carolina counties benefiting directly from this project: Durham and Catawba.  For additional information about the impact of Biofuels Center funding and a brief explanation of award recipient reporting requirements, click HERE: