2008 Awards

High Value Transportation Fuels From North Carolina Feedstocks - N.C. State University

Funding recipient:  North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

Award amount:  $200,000

Using North Carolina feedstocks such as hog lard, chicken fat, and waste vegetable oil, researchers at North Carolina State University have created high-value second generation biofuels such as jet fuel and all-weather diesel.  Having proven their patent-pending, three-step process at the laboratory scale, researchers used grant funds for equipment and experimentation to increase production volume sufficient for testing in engines. 


An interview with researcher, Dr. Bill Roberts can be heard in the Media section of the website.






















High-tech equipment meets old-fashioned Mason jars:  using this HP/HT Pressure Reactor (left) and simple glass containers (right), NCSU researchers create a variety of transportation fuels from waste products like chicken fat and hog lard.

Leveraged funds reported: $2,000,000; activities funded by the Biofuels Center led to Dr. Bill Roberts and his team receiving a National Science Foundation grant to further their research
North Carolina counties benefiting from this project: Wake

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