2008 Awards

Washington High School Renewable Fuels Program - Washington High School

Funding recipient:  Washington High School, Beaufort County Schools, Washington, NC

Award amount:  $27,314

Students in Agricultural and Chemistry courses at Washington High School in Beaufort County are producing biodiesel fuel from waste vegetable oil collected from school cafeterias and local restaurants.  A 23’ wheelchair-accessible school bus has been outfitted as a mobile classroom for biodiesel production.  Student-produced fuel will power several tractors used by the athletic department as well as a local-use activity bus.  The hands-on program includes coursework and field trips to renewable fuel production facilities and a public information component that will teach Beaufort County students, parents, and community members about the environmental and economic benefits of renewable fuels.













Two views of Washington High School's Mobile Biodiesel Classroom.  An exterior picture (left), and the interior (right).

North Carolina counties benefiting from this project: Beaufort

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