2009 Awards

In fiscal year 2008-2009, the Biofuels Center of North Carolina awarded $2,747,927 through its Statewide Biofuels Development Grants program. The program awards grants to nonprofit organizations and academic institutions across the state to help develop the biofuels sector. For its 2009 funding cycle, the Center identified specific priorities in the broad areas of growing/feedstocks and production through a Request for Proposals (RFP) process. 


Algae Downstream Processes Automated for Commercialization - Cape Fear Resource Conservation and Development
Biodiesel Feedstock Research - N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Biodiesel Pilot Plant Demonstration & Outreach Program - N.C. Solar Center
Biomass Gasification Tar Cracking Catalyst Development for Biofuels Synthesis - Research Triangle Institute
Canola Production, Processing & Market Development for Biodiesel - N.C. Solar Center
Economic Analysis of Pine Biomass Feedstocks for Ethanol Production - N.C. State University
Energy Canes: Ideal Fuelstocks for North Carolina’s Diverse Energy Needs - N.C. State University
Enzymatic Processing of Biodiesel - Chatham County Economic Development Corporation
Extraction and Refinement of Oils from Biodiesel Feedstocks - Appalachian State University
Feedstock Processing Station - Catawba County
From Farms to Fuels: Renewable Energy Production - Craven County Schools
Fungal Biopulping for Improved Ethanol Production from Low-cost Woody Feedstocks - UNC Charlotte
Greater Charlotte Region Biofuels Facility - Centralina Council of Governments
Integrated Low-Cost Torrefaction-Gasification for Production of Biofuels from Forest Resources - N.C. State University
Low Cost Conversion of Industrial Sludges to Ethanol - N.C. State University
Optimal North Carolina Energy Crop Gasification Project - The Abell Foundation, Inc.
Optimizing Cultivation and Conversion Parameters for Efficient Sweet Sorghum Bioethanol - N.C. State University
Reducing Natural Resource Impacts Related to Biodiesel Production - Carolina Land & Lakes RC&D