2009 Awards

Low Cost Conversion of Industrial Sludges to Ethanol - N.C. State University

Funding recipient:  North Carolina State University, Raleigh

Award amount:  $183,802

North Carolina State University and Advanced Residuals Management are partnering on this project to identify and develop a new cost-effective feedstock for biofuels production compared to conventional agricultural practices. This project utilizes sludge from papermaking processes in North Carolina as a feedstock for ethanol production, avoiding landfill costs of the sludge.  Researchers are characterizing a variety of industrial sludges for ethanol production potential, and will evaluate the fractionation of the sludge into two valuable streams, a carbohydrate rich stream for ethanol and a carbonate rich stream for crop land applications.  Researchers will evaluate the conversion of sludge to ethanol for an extended continuous pilot plant evaluation and will conduct a rigorous economic evaluation to justify an industrial processing plant.

North Carolina counties benefiting from this project: Wake

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