2009 Awards

Feedstock Processing Station - Catawba County

Funding recipient:  Catawba County, Catawba County

Award amount:  $150,000

This project helps further the research and development of biodiesel derived from non-food crops grown on and around Catawba County’s Blackburn Resource Recovery Facility.  As a component of a Biodiesel Research and Production Facility, the grant funds from the Biofuels Center, being used to develop a feedstock processing station, are helping further research related to biodiesel emissions, horsepower, and crop selection.  The Biodiesel Facility and the Feedstock Processing Station are part of a larger EcoComplex that is applying industrial ecology to waste management.  It is the goal of the EcoComplex to recover all useable products and byproducts from a group of public and private partners that are located in a close-knit, defined area.  Simply put, the EcoComplex turns waste streams into input streams while creating renewable energy (electricity, heat, and steam), new products, and reducing waste entering the landfill.  Since 1999, Catawba County has been using methane gas produced by the landfill to produce renewable electricity.  Plans are currently underway to expand renewable energy production using other waste streams such as woody biomass, dried bio-solids, and other organic material.  Click here to visit the EcoComplex web site.

North Carolina counties benefiting from this project: Catawba

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