2009 Awards

From Farms to Fuels: Renewable Energy Production - Craven County Schools

Funding recipient:  Craven County Schools, Craven County

Award amount:  $49,097

Craven County is located 40 miles from coastal Carteret County where over 700 acres of canola was grown in 2007.  The Craven County Schools 'Farms to Fuels Program' benefits the students of West Craven High School and Havelock High School, local farmers and community members with training in the development of renewable fuels using agronomics for oilseed crops such as canola as a winter cover crop.  Students in agriculture and science classes receive instruction, participate in hands-on training, visit fuel production facilities, and produce fuel to be consumed in a renovated bus and school tractor.  These activities prepare students for the 21st century green economy and workforce that will impact eastern North Carolina.  Instructors anticipate creating an interest in postsecondary training, college degrees, and other training opportunities in renewable energy fields.

Craven County Schools Biodiesel Mobile Classroom

Biodiesel processing equipment funded by the Biofuels Center helped convert this school bus into a mobile classroom.

Bioprocessor inside the mobile biodiesel classroom bus

Inside the Craven County Schools Ag Biofuels Bus, science and agriculture students learn hands-on how to make biodiesel fuel from canola and other oilseed crops, some of which the students themselves have grown on school grounds.

Leveraged funds reported: $38,310
North Carolina counties benefiting from this project: Craven and Carteret.