Evaluating BioMass Harvesting Practices with Respect to Wildlife Sustainability~NC State University~

North Carolina State University is leading an effort to evaluate the efficacy of Biomass Harvesting Guidelines (BHGs) at sustaining wildlife populations when woody biomass is used a biofuel feedstock.  Our goal is to assess impacts of woody biomass harvests to ensure the local sustainability of woody biomass harvests and encourage the use of woody biomass as a biofuel feedstock to stimulate economic growth in North Carolina as biofuel goals are met.  Our objectives are to assess the efficacy of BHGs at sustaining wildlife by measuring wildlife response to woody biomass gleaning and to determine the mechanisms responsible for key wildlife responses to woody biomass harvesting.  Research will guide the creation of BHGs in North Carolina and other southeastern states.  Project sites are located on land owned by Weyerhaeuser Company in Beaufort County, North Carolina as well as land owned by Plum Creek and Georgia-Pacific in southeastern Georgia.