Arundo Donax Response to Nitrogen - NC State University

Establish two sites to evaluate the response of Arundo Donax to various rates of nitrogen ranging from zero to 600 pounds per acre in 60 pound increments.  Plots will be designed to compare a split-harvest scenario (summer and pre-senescence) to a single harvest at pre-senescence. A plot on Williamsdale Biofuels Farm will represent the soils in the southern Coastal Plain. A plot representing Piedmont soils will be on North Carolina's Biofuels Campus.  The ability of Arundo donax to produce in the neighborhood of 20 bone-dry tons of biomass per acre per year makes it a prime candidate for a feedstock for cellulosic ethanol production. Two areas of interest for growing Arundo donax in North Carolina based on current hay production acreage are (1) The southern Coastal Plain where 100,000 acres of hay land are concentrated and (2) The Piedmont where 300,000 acres of hay land are spread over a 60-mile radius.