Other Projects

Tropical Sugarbeet Variety Trial

The Tropical Sugarbeet Variety Trial involves planting, data collection, monitoring, harvesting, and data processing for six sugar beet varieties at four test plots across North Carolina.  In collaboration with Syngenta and researchers at North Carolina State University’s NC Solar Center, this project will allow the Biofuels Center to evaluate sugar beets as a potential biofuels crop in North Carolina. 

The project goals include:

  • Planting Tropical Sugar Beets at four locations across the state,
  • Determining whether or not Tropical Sugar Beets can survive in North Carolina, monitoring effects of climate, competition, insects, disease, etc.
  • Measuring crop yield and testing for sugar content.

Tropical Sugar Beets at the Biofuels Campus, Oxford, NC, September 2009.

Leveraged funds reported: $12,000
North Carolina counties benefiting from this project: Duplin, Granville, Moore, Wake, and Washington

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