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Forest Residues

Estimates of Available Woody Residue Biomass from Timber Harvesting for Conventional Timber Products

Interest in wood-based energy, renewable fuels and bio-based value-added products has raised concerns about sustainable use of wood resources. Central to this discussion is the scarcity of reliable estimates of recoverable biomass from conventional timber harvesting. Researchers at North Carolina State University measured, categorized and estimated residues following conventional and biomass chip harvests. They also documented size and volume estimates of downed woody debris as a precursor to discussions about the ability of forest stands to continue to provide quality wildlife habitat and provide for clean water following biomass harvesting . Results from the study can inform discussions about the volume of post-harvest downed woody debris that remain after convention removal and after biomass harvesting.

Fieldwork for this project was conducted over the summer of 2009 with analysis being completed in the spring of 2010.  An interview with one of the researchers can be found here:

Forest residue after logging

Forestry residues after pine harvesting.  Residues are frequently bulldozed into a heap and burned.