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Biofuels on the Interstate

The N.C. Department of Transportation installed signs on I-85 and in Oxford to make the Biofuels Center easier to find. Signage is on both sides of the highway for motorists heading north and south, and additional signs are in Oxford.


The Biofuels Headline

The newsletter is launched, providing information about N.C. biofuels to more than 7,000 inboxes around the world.

Biofuels Online Community

Launched, a YouTube channel, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, allowing public interaction and education about biofuels in North Carolina.

Advancing Public Education

Federally funded biofuels public education campaign included television and web-based advertisements, reaching more than 4.8 million licensed drivers or about 80 percent of state motorists.

Communications and Public Outreach

More than 550 video endorsements of North Carolina biofuels produced by N.C. State Fair visitors.


From Bluegrass to Switchgrass

To advance public commitment to biofuels, North Carolina artists donated tracks to an album that provided biofuels-related information. The CD collection includes information about North Carolina's Strategic Plan for Biofuels Leadership and the biofuels value chain. It highlights the musical backgrounds of the bands and provides an emotional authenticity to home-grown and produced biofuels in North Carolina.

NC Biofuels Branding

More than 3,400 people voted on 12 icons to begin branding the N.C. Biofuels industry. The NC logo emerged from that process.


Biofuels Voices

Podcasts began; experts share in their own words and voice their respective roles in the development of a sector. Biofuels Center communications manager Shane Reese talks with a wide range of people about diverse subject matter related to biofuels and has recorded various podcasts. It is possible to either stream the podcasts from the Center’s website, or download them to play on your mp3 player or computer.

Biofuels Website

The Center's permanent web presence was established with a comprehensive and authoritative website ahead of the Grand Opening, providing information about the first Grants program.


A biofuels placemat with a crossword puzzle on the back was placed in General Assembly cafeteria each year, familiarizing legislatorsand public about biofuels.

Communications and Public Outreach

Participated at the State Fair each year, informing more than 80,000 people annually at the event about biofuels.