Center to commission second biofuels jobs survey

The Biofuels Center is about to repeat the census of biofuels employment across the state that it conducted last year for the first time. In last year's survey—which was independently done by third-party market research firm Bioscience Information Partners—results showed a larger number of jobs than was expected so soon for a new and emerging sector. At that time, 443 people were found to be working in the sector. 

The Center is asking all organizations engaged in activities related to the biofuels sector to please participate in the short annual survey, which can be completed in fewer than 10 minutes. BIP will be sending out emails with a link to the survey in the next two weeks. The information obtained from the survey is important to assisting the Center with further development of this sector.

A summary of the results from last year's survey can be read in a white paper on the Biofuels Center's website.