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The North Carolina Biofuels Community

Do you have a question, or are you interested in biofuels? 

North Carolina has a growing and vibrant group of people from all walks of life, including researchers, industry representatives, farmers, motorists and soccer moms who are interested in biofuels in the state.  The Biofuels Center has launched a number of websites where people can find the information they are looking for or contribute to a conversation about the impact that the state's dependence on imported petroleum fuels has.  The development of North Carolina's  biofuels industry positively impacts the state's economy, its fuel security and the environment.

The Biofuels Center site - The Center's site provides an overview of the progress being made towards development of a large-scale, statewide biofuels industry sector capable of replacing 10% of North Carolina's imported petroleum.

Biofuels Buzz - Follow the Biofuels Center on Twitter to get industry-related tweets about biofuels in North Carolina, the U.S. and the world, including events, developments, and news.

The Biofuels Headline - Sign up to get The Biofuels Headline, a monthly newsletter straight to your inbox summarizing developments in North Carolina and elsewhere along the path to a large-scale biofuels industry in North Carolina.

Podcasts - The Biofuels Center has a wide range of interviews with experts about topics and developments in the biofuels sector. They can be streamed on this site or downloaded and played on your MP3 player.

NC Biofuels - North Carolina's site for biofuels consumers.  It covers where to get biofuels, what are biofuels and information about biofuels and your vehicle.

NC Biofuels on Facebook - Learn, talk, share, ask questions and discuss biofuels in North Carolina and how biofuels are helping the economy, environment and the state's long-term strategic security.

NC Biofuels on Twitter - Consumer-facing news about biofuels in North Carolina in 140 characters or less.