Vision and Guiding Plan

Among North Carolina’s strong resources for biofuels development, one is nationally distinctive and of unparalleled potential value to this growing sector.

North Carolina’s Biofuels Campus will over the next decade develop a first large American site integrating four main areas required for successful biofuels development: crop and forest agriculture, multi-party research and partnerships, pivotal pilot and demonstration facilities, and public engagement.

Located just northeast of the Research Triangle, in Oxford and Granville County, the 426-acre Campus will serve North Carolina’s statewide biofuels endeavor and comprehensive Biofuels Center as well as the national biofuels community. Companies, producers, growers, and policymakers can together shape a place showing the unique reality of biofuels: a strategic technology firmly rooted in agriculture and the land.

Projects, ideas, crops, and fuels will grow from varied components, individually and together working in four main areas of need and activity: