North Carolina's Growing Strengths: Custom Equipment Solutions (CESCO)

Custom Equipment Solutions (CESCO) is a Matthews, N.C.-based company that offers a complete line of equipment and modular process systems for the production of second- and third-generation biofuels, including cellulosic ethanol and biodiesel. CESCO’s capabilities include the engineering and design-build aspects of equipment and modular system supply of pilot plant, demonstration-scale, and large-scale biofuels production. CESCO works closely with design-build partner Integrated Process Engineers & Constructors, Inc. for the project execution phases of their projects.

On a recent developmental pilot-scale cellulosic ethanol project, CESCO was involved in supplying a laboratory with turnkey seed fermenter systems. These systems are utilized by a major facility in North Carolina to develop next-generation enzymes, which provide the critical conversion step for turning sugars from cellulosic sources into ethanol. The systems include modular stainless steel laboratory benches with integrated mixer and fermenter systems. The system also incorporates all the pre-piped utility systems, including steam and clean-in-place (CIP) capability.

From biotech clean rooms and chemical plants to pulp and paper mills, CESCO is well-positioned to make an impact on North Carolina biofuels production from locally grown feedstocks. With more than 17.6 million acres of managed woody biomass in North Carolina—much of it in the western part of the state—CESCO is also ideally located near Charlotte for wood-to-fuel projects. As CESCO is additionally capable of incorporating its expertise into energy grass-to-fuel projects likely to occur in eastern North Carolina, the company has a wide range of business development opportunities across the state.

To find out more about CESCO, visit www.gocesco.com.