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The Biofuels Center of North Carolina has a unique challenge: to chart a path for the State of North Carolina toward sustainable liquid fuels energy independence. The Center is a state-funded, non-profit organization headquartered on the 400-acre North Carolina Biofuels Campus in Oxford. Having both agricultural land and laboratories will enable the Center to facilitate and accelerate solutions to the technical problems inherent in creating a new industry sector from the ground up. The Center is working with a wide range of constituents—from academics, scientists, farmers, and industry, to public policy makers and consumers—in accomplishing its mission.

As with any new technology or industry sector, uncertainty and questions often arise. The following document grants that these questions, from different vantage points, must be addressed and attended to as the biofuels sector develops throughout North Carolina.

The paper is called:

North Carolina's Biofuels Sector: The Road to New Jobs and Fuel Security

It can be downloaded HERE: