Biomass Policy

The Center is involved in a number of projects to determine the environmental impact of a number of technologies in biofuels production, which will help to guide and drive large scale biofuels developments in the state.  We have partnered with the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources, which is helping to access the impact of biofuels technologies and their suitability for the long-term developments in North Carolina.

Additionally, the Center is partnering with the Environmental Defense Fund to work together on drafting a vision and framework for the responsible economic use of a strategic resource in the state - biomass.  The EDF and the Biofuels Center both recognize that shifting from a fossil-fuel-based economy to one based on renewable resources presents opportunities as well as cautions.  Production and use of biomass resources across North Carolina that is ecologically and economically sustainable is the shared goal.   Click on the title to download a PDF of the policy document, titled: Envisioning North Carolina's Biomass Future - A framework for thought and action.

The Biofuels Center is also playing a leadership role on the Governor's Energy Policy Council, which is tasked with guiding the Governor on a green approach to renewable energy in North Carolina.